About us

Consider us part of your team!

We are entrepreneurs ourselves, so we know from our own experience what things look like on the “front”. We will not bombard you with theories and technical terms. Instead, we provide you with specific solutions discreetly, quickly, honestly, creatively – and we are experts at doing so.

We listen to you!

For us, every customer has top priority! We operate at an international level and have successfully handled projects and ad campaigns for major brands as well as for newcomers from the textile, automotive and baby products industries.

How can we help you?

Our strength lies in our network of specialists at all levels – from product idea to sales solutions.

Our services

Print media design

Brochures, fliers, hang tags, displays, etc., from design to printing

Logo design

And the creation of job printing such as letterheads, business cards, etc.

New media

Consulting and implementation, postings

Web design

Responsive design, template selection, layout and implementation

Web advertising

Consultancy and implementation, landing pages, SEM (SEA and SEO), Google AdWords

Video and animation

Creation of professional videos and animated films

Photo shoots and filming

Selection of models and locations, organization and implementation

Packaging design

Consultancy, design and implementation

Public relations

PR reps, press relations, organization and implementation of press conferences

Trade fair organization and support

Booth concept, design, implementation, hostess selection, PR, etc.

Innovative sales channels

Support with the selection of sales channels appropriate to the product

Market analysis

Identifying strengths and weaknesses. There is no more B2B or B2C. It’s H2H (human to human)

Our concept

  1. Briefing

    We listen to you so we completely understand the product, your goals, target groups, processes and resources.

  2. Target definition

    If the target has not been clearly formulated, there is no such thing as meaningful creativity!

  3. Analysis

    Based on the briefing, we conduct an analysis and compare what you want with what the market expects.

  4. Solution proposals

    From the analysis, we develop initial solution proposals for goal achievement and the underlying framework conditions.

  5. Re-briefing

    We coordinate once more with you what understanding we have developed from the briefing.

  6. Coordination

    Are we speaking the same language? Is the chemistry right? Have we really understood the challenges of your company in day-to-day business?

  7. Conceptual design

    If everything is good, the idea and the conceptual design derived from it are developed.

  8. Creative process

    The creative process is set in motion, and, if necessary, the right partners in the network are activated.

  9. Presentation

    The result of the creative process is presented to the client in a presentation.

  10. Implementation

    After fine tuning and, if needed, further rounds of coordination, following the approval of the conceptual design, implementation can now begin.

  11. Feedback

    It is important for us to hear from you whether you are satisfied with our work and if the specified marketing objectives have been achieved.

Contact person

Natalia Kohne
Natalia Kohne graduated in Marketing and has many years of solid, in-depth experience in marketing, working at international corporations.

You’ve got to get going in order to reach the destination! We look forward to your message and will contact you as soon as possible.

Natalia Kohne and team


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